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Simple highlighting RGB colors with OpenCV

Sometimes, when dealing with object detection one might find that the object is imaged with high values of red, green or blue. For instance this happens with traffic lights, tail lights, traffic signs, etc. Working with RGB images is the … Continue reading

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OpenCV for Windows: easy installation using CMake

OpenCV is growing exponentially as do the associated manuals, tutorials and installation guides that can be found elsewhere (including the complete official guide). Nevertheless I will like to share the way I’ve learnt to create Visual Studio projects that use … Continue reading

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Free access to Springer Journal until 31st Dec!

I just received an e-mail from Springer. They open access to “Machine Vision and Applications” for a limited time. It’s a good oportunity to search for those papers you always wanted to read!!

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SpringerOpen: open access journals

Recently I found that the EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing changed from Hindawi (which still has the journal in their website) to SpringerOpen. The change has two important consequences: The journal is now indexed in the Thomson’s JCR, … Continue reading

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Latex text and formulas in eps figures

Though there are other ways to insert Latex text or equations into eps figures (such as importing pdf files created with Latex as strokes with Adobe Illustrator, or creating it directly with Matlab), I found a very simple and nice … Continue reading

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Still using OpenCV 1.X? Move to OpenCV 2.X now!

This is probably not something new to most of researchers that work on computer vision, but OpenCV moved into C++ since it changed into version 2.X! Currently the most stable version is OpenCV 2.3 I would say that this version … Continue reading

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Will Tiddlywiki still be my favourite web technology?

Some time ago I decided to have a site where I can put some information about my work, my CV, links to my publications and some videos that well describe my work. I used then tiddlywiki since I found it … Continue reading

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