Will Tiddlywiki still be my favourite web technology?

Some time ago I decided to have a site where I can put some information about my work, my CV, links to my publications and some videos that well describe my work.

I used then tiddlywiki since I found it a very smart, flexible and powerful way of having a nice-looking website.

Indeed I liked it very much and I worked for a bit to custom the basic tiddywiki look into something more personalised.

One of the strong points of tiddlywiki is that everything is stored into a single html file, so that you don’t have to deal with a high amount of files and you can share it easily using Dropbox or something like that.

Nevertheless, now that I am thinking on sharing some more information, such as code snippets, OpenCV tricks, macros for LaTex, Tiddlywiki seems to be a not so good choice.

I discovered in wordpress a nice alternative, which abstracts me of the design of the website, setting up the buttons and so on, so I can concentrate on the content. And what is more important, it is stored on the cloud (I have got tired on updating my single tiddlywiki file and upload it with the Filezilla).

I will give Tiddlywiki one more chance to continue being my preferred technology for sharing things on the net, but probably WordPress would change my mind…

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