Latex text and formulas in eps figures

Though there are other ways to insert Latex text or equations into eps figures (such as importing pdf files created with Latex as strokes with Adobe Illustrator, or creating it directly with Matlab), I found a very simple and nice way to do it with open source tools.

The solution is to use the Inkscape graphic editor with the TexText plugin.

Although it gives a couple of warnings when executed its pretty simple to use and respects the Latex syntax.

I have used it for my papers and since then I do not use any other thing.

If you store your Inkscape project as an .eps, you can later add it into your latex manuscript without problems.

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3 Responses to Latex text and formulas in eps figures

  1. Bubu says:

    Qué bueno, Marcos, llevaba buscando algo así hace tiempo para las presentaciones :)
    Me he enterado por ahí de este blog, y está muy bien, ya me he suscrito a tu RSS.
    Un abrazo!

    • De nada! Yo lo descubrí hace no mucho y marca un antes y un después… Iré poniendo cosas en el blog, aunque la audiencia es pequeña alguna chorrada de estas puede ayudar mucho. Un abrazo!

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