ITS World Conference – Detroit 6-11 Septembre, 2014


EDIT: I’ve just come back, and everything was incredible there. Many big OEMs showed their vision on future vehicles, and demonstrated some autonomous driving capabilities. We had a booth were we demonstrated our capabilities in computer vision applied to ADAS, ITS, etc.

Marcos Nieto at ITSWC2014

Marcos Nieto at Vicomtech’s booth in ITSWC Detroit 2014

I will attend the Intelligent Transport System World Conference in Detroit next 6-11 Septembre (ITSWC2014). We will have a booth there presenting some works about ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and our computer vision technology in general.

There, I will give a short talk about the methodology we follow when creating computer vision algorithms for embedded platforms for automotive applications.

Here you are a preview of the slides I will use there:

And the reference of the paper I am authoring.

  • G. Velez, O. Senderos, M. Nieto, O. Otaegui, and G. Van Cutsem, “Implementation of a computer vision based advanced driver assistance system in Tizen IVI,” in Proc. 21st ITS World Congress, Detroit, U.S., 7-11 September 2014 (accepted).
  • M. Nieto, J. D. Ortega, O. Otaegui, and A. Cortés, “Optimization of Computer Vision Algorithms in Codesign Methodologies,” in Proc. 21st ITS World Congress, Detroit, U.S., 7-11 September 2014 (accepted).

I will update this post when I come back.


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