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Real-time vehicle detection and lane detection for ADAS

This time I bring a new result we have achieved in Vicomtech-IK4: an improved real-time vehicle detection and lane tracking system for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assitance Systems). It follows the history of developments we’ve been doing in this line, evolving … Continue reading

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FP7 TAXISAT project – Driverless car using stereo visual odometry

Hi all, Recently we have concluded an FP7 project, called the TAXISAT project, in which we worked for building a driverless car which uses GNSS, stereo visual odometry and laser obstacle detection for driving in any kind of environment. Its … Continue reading

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Stereo visual odometry using OpenCV

Hi all! One of the latest works we (Vicomtech-ik4) have been working on is related to stereo visual odometry. I already posted some preliminary results some time ago, but now I come with some new material. We have completed our … Continue reading

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Driver drowsiness detection

In the framework of the Advanced Driver Assistance systems we, in Vicomtech, are deploying, we focused on the creation of a computer vision method to determine the attention and drowsiness of a driver. We have used face detection and 3D … Continue reading

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Vehicle count and classification with CUDA, OpenCV and particle filters

Not so long ago we (Vicomtech) did a significant effort to complete one of our best works in computer vision. The result is a system for traffic surveillance which uses a single camera, a single PC (CPU + GPU) that … Continue reading

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Real-time lane detection and tracking in embedded systems

Hi everybody! This time I just bring a youtube link to one video we have created that summarizes our work in Vicomtech regarding lane detection and tracking. As you can see, it can determine the position of the vehicle inside … Continue reading

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