Like most of us using Internet, I have an account in Youtube in which from time to time I submitted some videos resulting from my research when I was doing my PhD in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Now that I work for Vicomtech, most of my work (and the work by my colleagues there) can be found in their video channel.

6 Responses to Youtube

  1. andolini says:

    Hi, I saw you videos on youtube I had a few questions
    can also be made that a camera looking backwards
    for when a car is following you to detect that
    is that possible to do with a braspberry pi
    and what will that cost?

    • Hi!
      Yes, backward looking car detection is very similar.
      It is very likely to work on a raspberry pi, although some code optimization might be required.
      What do you mean with cost? In terms of development hours? Licenses? Currently I am not hiring my services because I work for a private research centre, Vicomtech, which you may contact for business ideas and possible cooperation.

      • andolini says:


        Thank you for your quick reply

        is it possible to communicate by mail

        otherwise, everything is so open here

        I’m also not a company or so


      • Hi!
        There is a contact form in Vicomtech ( for queries about projects or ideas.
        Otherwise, I am afraid I can not join personal projects right now (I am terribly busy with my duties, both personal and professional).
        Kind regards!

  2. Salaheddine says:

    Hi! first of all, thank you for sharing your work with us. :D I am working one vehicle tracking algorithms. what you have done is great. and I would like to know what did you used or serouce code if it’s public :)

    • Hi,
      We use as basis the OpenCV library, which is open source, and comes with BSD license. Appart from that, we have develop our own computer vision library: Viulib, which belongs to Vicomtech-IK4, and can only be licensed after reaching individual agreements.

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